Which cryptocurrencies will give rise in 2023*?

The entire cryptocurrency market has been in a severe correction since 2022, with some assets leaving the market entirely and some losing value.

Despite the correction phase, fundamentally the projects are backed by funds and large corporations with billions in turnover.

There are quite a few projects that are actively developing even during the correction phase, according to their roadmap, generally have great and necessary functionality for the cryptocurrency world and new technologies.

People believe in Bitcoin and its growth, but it is difficult to expect a 300% price increase over the short run.

In that case, it is better to focus on new projects, they should be invested in and some are already on the market but have not yet shown their potential.

What are the risks to consider when investing in cryptocurrency?

Before buying a cryptocurrency, investing in digital assets, you need to understand the risks involved.

The field is unregulated, there is no protection against fraudsters, hackers, and it is also important to find the right “entry points” into the asset, at a favourable price.

Beginners often buy assets at the peak of price formation, followed by correction and therefore unrealised loss.

The project may be promising, with a great team, idea and implementation, but if you buy coins at a high price, you will need to incur losses in the short term.

Along with that, it is better to invest in fundamental projects rather than investing in a temporary HYIP.

It is always important to remember that long-term investors earn times more than short-term speculators, so below will be young projects with growth prospects of hundreds to thousands of percent in 2023 and instruments already known in the cryptocurrency market, in which you can safely invest some money with prospects for 2023-2025.

Rules for long-term investments

There are a few rules to keep in mind. Investors in any market always analyse and look at a number of factors. The main ones are:

News background

A person does not have to scroll through news feeds and study a lot of material on a daily basis.

It is important to filter out the topics and important news include – listings on exchanges, partnerships with large funds, technical changes in the project itself and attracting new investments.

Benefit of the project

The asset must have a future benefit and impact on certain areas already today.

When considering platforms for DApps, quality can be judged by technical characteristics – network speed, efficiency and other pluses.

For gaming assets or DeFi, the community, growth and development of the team will be important.

Reputation is something to watch out for in any project

Scandals worsen the attractiveness for long-term contributors.

Any malfunctions, hacking attacks, cheating customers – the kind of scams and cryptocurrencies such a project is best avoided.

Age of the project

In situations where the project is 1-2 days old and the creators talk about million-dollar profits, a large percentage of growth, then you need to think about what the catch is.

There are mechanisms to artificially increase the price of an asset. Manipulation of this kind is a common bubble to take money from inexperienced investors.

It is very easy to increase the value of a young asset with a small capitalisation, any good news can push up the value.

For short-term transactions it may be a good proposition, but not for long-term holding of coins.


Often bad projects have no pool of liquidity – you can buy the asset, but you can’t sell it. Smart contracts can be checked here

Community growth and behaviour

If there are followers behind the project who believe in the development, you can talk about the future of the asset.

Without a community, even Bitcoin was just plain code.

Risk appetite

Any investment is a risk, but with the possibility of a thousand percent return within a year.

In 2021-2022 there were a lot of such stories, but investing in TOP cryptocurrencies will not let you lose all the money in the market, but with young projects not everything is clear-cut.

When entering the cryptocurrency market, you need to understand how much money is being invested and how much risk will be involved.

When building a portfolio, the right asset allocation is important. Let’s look at a few new cryptocurrencies for 2023 with investment opportunities and the fundamental projects you should buy to protect your funds.

Be sure to leave room to buy BTC, ETH and save some stabelcoins in case of force majeure and an opportunity to buy back the coins at better prices.

At the same time, you also need to distribute your staplecoins by having assets in different USDT, BUSD, USDC, etc. blockchains on your balance sheet.

New and young cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023

The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and it’s hard to say definitively which token or coin will be the next contender for several thousand percent growth. But there are a number of signs to help pick the right tools.

It is better to invest in coins with a history of 6-12 months with positive dynamics and fundamental ideas.

Prospective coins can include all projects that complement or carry innovation, unique things for a certain technology, solve users’ problems, giving new opportunities.


The cryptocurrency FRPN is controlled by Certik, a company that develops blockchain security techniques, applying artificial intelligence to track and protect protocols, smart contracts.

The project is designed to solve a problem in the cryptocurrency environment by connecting five major networks, giving participants an efficient blockchain. All transactions will be faster, with minimal fees.

The FIREPIN Token team is a group of people who want to make the world and technology a better place.

The platform itself wants to grow into a large community in crypto, tokenization and all with its FRPN token.

Analysts are confident that the price of the asset will rise rapidly in 2023.

Holders of the token will receive a 2% fee for all intra-network transactions, so the longer an investor holds the token, the more coins accumulate in the long run.

FRPN is a fully transparent and legal project with a limited issuance of 100 billion coins.


The asset is issued through the Ethereum network and is designed to be the primary currency for the Kik Messenger ecosystem.

Kinship (KIN) is a project that aims to strengthen the connectivity of the Kik community.

The ICO took place in 2017 with a total raised capital of $100 million. In 2019, KIK Messenger was sold to MediaLab to keep the token running even during the courts between KIK and the SEC.

The trial ended towards the end of 2020 and the project team has until 2023 to report to the SEC for digital token sales.

KIN is currently at 550th place in the CoinMarketCap ranking, beginning a gradual recovery from the correction phase of the crypto market.

KIN works with the following wallets:


The asset is also represented on several exchanges, including HitBTC and IDEX.

Not so long ago, the project team started a partnership with Simplex and decided to revise the work process.

Buying the coin became easier, transactions are faster and more efficient, and the processing time takes about 10-20 minutes under normal conditions. There is working 24/7 technical support for customers.

The KIN blockchain operates using a federated consensus model, which gives the project independence.

Game creators can use the token to add cryptocurrency rewards to their applications.

Players receive a KIN token by completing certain tasks on the platform. The tokens can also be used within the games to purchase in-game items. Conversion into real money is done without any problems.

ApeCoin is an undervalued asset in 2022, it needs to create different uses so that the coin is not just a ‘meme’ representing monkeys in the digital world.

This is a complex process, especially given the direct link to the NFT sector, but the structure of the project shows that the token will be used in the real world in the next 1-2 years.

The official ApeCoin forums have many recommendations related to staking and asset allocation. The growth of the team will be accompanied by new ideas that will cause the price to spike.

Apart from the management and gaming implementation of the token, ApeCoin is suitable for paying financial transactions to merchants.

Few companies are adopting APE yet, but there is already a positive trend. Investing.com noted that SaltWater Brewery is already starting to accept the coin and more small sellers will follow suit.

For the coin to be accepted by the masses and become a top Web 3.0 cryptocurrency, the community needs to increase its reach.

Integration can be problematic, as the coin is considered a “meme” in certain circles because of its associations and name.

Large investors simply may not see a future for the project other than speculative interest and rewards, so it is better to allocate a small portion of funds in the portfolio to buy the cryptocurrency.

A rise in the value of the kinoin to $90 in 2023 is more likely to be triggered by retail traders and investors. However, from current price points, returns could be in the order of 1800-2000%, which is also good.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

According to Reddit, the asset could be considered the best buy in 2022-2023.

Lucky Block is a token for running a blockchain-based gaming platform.

The creators want to revolutionise the gaming sector. The asset uses blockchain to bring transparency and fairness to the gaming industry. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

In early 2022, the token was listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. The value at the time was just $0.00021, but a couple of days later there was a sharp rise to $0.003. Everyone who bought the asset at the time made over 1000% profit. The price is now around 0.001 per coin.

When investing in this project you should know that the team includes a large number of people, enthusiasts, there is its own community in social networks with more than 50,000 subscribers.

The project is supported by many investors, which adds confidence to its future.

The goal of Lucky Block is to create a new product in the field of giveaways, free giveaways and games with prizes.

The total fund for all of this is $330 billion. The developers want to get out from under the control of regulators using decentralization and Web 3.0.

With Lucky Block, winners are randomly generated, and players themselves are able to participate in votes to determine where the charitable funds will go.

All transactions are visible in the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

The perks don’t end there; token holders receive rewards when investing, storing and connecting to the Lucky Block app.

As a result, investors in the token receive 10% of any jackpot, generating a constant source of passive income.

Transaction fees from token sales are 12%, leading to a desire for long-term holding of the asset rather than speculation.

According to experts – Lucky Block is one of the best young cryptocurrencies for 2023 with a value under $1.

Defi Coin (DEFC)

Not a bad option, a young project that could be considered worthy of a DeFi buy. Currently trades around 15 cents on the Pancakeswap exchange.

DeFi Coin is the token of DeFi Swap, a decentralised exchange that is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

A coin with a built-in combustion principle and, in the long term, a path to value growth. A project with a good team, its own social networks and ambitious ideas.

By using a token and a decentralised exchange, the user receives a number of benefits:

  • DeFi Swap gives customers the opportunity to make exchanges, place bets and earn interest through staking.
  • The DEFC token is part of the ecosystem, so holders receive rewards.
  • Passive income in the form of 10% of orders to buy and sell the token.

DeFi Swap and DeFi Coin (DEFC) is a decentralised exchange and own token. DeFi Swap is improving, the team is working on the functionality of the exchange, adding automated liquidity pools and other elements.

The asset could be a contender for the best DeFi token in 2023.

The cryptocurrency stacking on its own exchange ranges from 30% in 1 month and up to 75% in 1 year.

Founder Scott Ryder is actively pursuing plans to speed up listing on centralised exchanges, but this has not happened yet, which also provides a good opportunity to buy and accumulate the asset. Once listed on CEX exchanges, many cryptocurrencies often see a rise in value.

Top cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022-2023

Above are young assets that are relatively new and some are not listed on centralized exchanges. However, until 2023, you should also look at other cryptocurrencies that have already shown a positive trend in development and are among the fundamental ideas.

Bitcoin (BTC) – the leading cryptocurrency

The market crash has caused the value of the mainstream cryptocurrency itself to drop below $20,000. Bitcoin is considered digital gold and there is potential for growth.

This asset should be bought gradually, accumulated in your investment portfolio, and it could become the reserve digital currency of the future.

The relevance of buying it was in 2017, 2020 and 2023. Certainly, investing in Bitcoin is necessary, it will recover and grow in the future.

There are many forecasts for the price of the cryptocurrency, some expect the mark of 100 thousand dollars, someone at 1 million per asset, but there are analysts who argue that the price will not be able to overcome more than 40-50 thousand.

Any investment is accompanied by risks, and everyone must understand this. Assets are unregulated and have high volatility.

Ethereum (ETN) – the most popular blockchain network with broad capabilities

Ethereum is digital silver, and should always be invested in if you have spare cash. The project is a global decentralised platform that was launched in 2015.

There is a lot of potential, many blockchain-based projects have been created and everyone is now waiting for the transition to Ethereum 2.0, which promises major improvements.

Forecasts for ETH are more optimistic, with many believing a return in value to $5,000 per coin, and with all improvements implemented, a price range of $9-15,000 per asset could be considered.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Market capitalisation as of June 2022 is $5.7 billion. A powerful project, a decentralised platform that allows you to build your own DeFi applications.

Avax is a development token that is needed to support decentralised applications. Developers can write code in different programming languages thanks to their own virtual machine.

The team provides a consensus algorithm for increased security and scalability, which is better than many current algorithms.

Avalanche provides another set of features – its own DEX exchange, an asset storage wallet, and a smartphone app. A good investment for 2023 and beyond, especially for financial app creators.

Maker (MKR)

MKR is the token of MakerDAO, a company working to stabilise the value of the Dai Stablecoin. The token is needed to pay fees within the MakerDAO platform and to manage the project. Owners of the asset have the opportunity to receive management fees.

The MakerDAO platform is built on the Ethereum network and applies smart contracts to support the stability of Dai against the dollar.

People can lock in their own cryptocurrencies as collateral and receive Dai coins.

With their help, carry out any financial transactions on the digital asset markets. Customers receive loans without the need to sell assets, which provides additional flexibility in the cryptocurrency environment.

Maker also provides Dai deposits (DSR) for stackablecoin accumulation, storing them in a separate wallet. The annual percentage is variable and is determined by a vote by MKR token holders.

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is a meta-universe and platform where anyone can monetise their own digital assets, art objects. Within the ecosystem, one can create, own and successfully monetise their own activities using NFT and an internal SAND token.

Inside the gaming platform, NFT helps to validate the ownership of digital art.

The Sandbox also includes real estate, which can be bought with a LAND coin.

Facebook Meta and other big companies, individual institutional investors, are betting big on meta-universes and Web 3.0. Within these ecosystems, people will be able to work, relax, play, socialise, go to events and do all the normal things in normal life. SAND is a good investment in the future.

Enjin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin is a meta-universe product with a focus on the gaming sector. ENJ token is needed for the purchase of in-game goods, items. Enjin’s goal is to become the largest marketplace for gaming communities.

At the moment it already has 250,000 members, with 18.7 million players inside.

The project team are innovators in the NFT space, and the ENJ coin has been approved as the Ethereum asset standard for specialized NFT – ERC-1155.

Curve (CRV)

Curve is a decentralised exchange with an initial approach of using Stablecoin liquidity to generate stable loan yields.

There is no order book within the exchange, the process is automated based on the liquidity pool trading tools.

Curve is currently the place to sell and buy a large number of pegged tokens running on blockchains other than Ethereum.

There are 122 liquidity pools within the exchange for trading instruments. CRV is an exchange token in which a portion can be invested for investment.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

PancakeSwap is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain with an automated market-making system.

The platform is a fork of SushiSwap. Operating in the BSC blockchain provides users with high speed of transaction processing and low fees.

CAKE is a young project, suitable for investment in 2023. Its value in the future, like other decentralised instruments, will rise.

*This article is for information purposes only. No goods or services are offered

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